Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

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Metal Product Surface Finishing

● Power Coating

Power Coating, which is the chemical melt with the metal in high temperature, and come into one hard protective cover on the metal surface, it has strong corrosion resistance indoor&outdoor, normally, the protective cover thickness will be about 80-120 micro, and we can do all different colors according to customers’ requirements, and for the exterior, there will be high gloss, matte, texture for different optional. And power coating can be used for different metal surface, such as SPCC, Zinc Plates, Aluminium, Copper etc.

● Anodizing

Anodizing is one of the chemical way to protect metal products, the metal will be put inside the pool for sometime, and the chemical will combine with metal, and come into one protective cover on the surface, normally, the oxide layer will be about 8-15micro, so its life span is less than power coating, but anodizing is used for precious metal, so the outlook is much more honourable and better.

● Polishing

Polishing is the physical method, through the physical object touching each other, and form one protective cover on the surface, most of the metal material can be used polishing on the surface, it will make the surface smooth and looking more comfortable.

● Galvanized

Galvanized is one chemical way to protect the metal, which is similar to the anodizing, the layer will be about 8-15micro, so its life span is less than power coating, normally, the galvanized parts are used for internal parts, there are white zinc galvanized, bule zinc galvanized, colorful galvanized.

● Sand Blast

Sand blast is using the gun to spurt the tiny particulate matter on the surface of the metal, and form one of the protective cover, Normally, the sand blast will be used together with anodizing or power coating.

Of course, there are many different other ways to deal with the surface, but here we can’t introduce one by one, no matter what kind of the requirement from our clients, YSY will devote ourselves to work together with you.

Post time: Jul-05-2022

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