Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design

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OEM&ODM Service

At YSY, we provide two different options for the while purchasing chain service.

OEM Designing

Step 1, professional engineer will study the feasibility of the design from our customer, and provide the solution to improve the design and reduce the cost, after confirming from clients, ysy will provide the fast prototyping service for customer to inspect the design and quality, at the same time, ysy engineer will provide detail solutions to improve quality and reduce cost, and proposal for mass production, including all the production details, package, loading, shipping, and customs clearance.

ODM Service

YSY Sales and engineering team will have further video meeting on the customers’ requirements for the products and functions, cost required on the design, then YSY designer will provide the design for clients to study and check, at the same time, YSY engineers will provide the detail cost to reach the prototyping and mass production.

From the engineering consulting, research&development, design, prototyping, testing&improving, trial production, mass production, assembly and logistics, YSY will provide the whole service for a projects developing, and help customer to reach their design and quality control, and control all the cost at their expectation, and help customer to maximize the benefit of their investment.

Post time: Jul-05-2022

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