CNC Machining

CNC Machining

CNC Machining


YSY Electric CNC turning centres and 3 and 4 axis lathes allow us to produce high precision parts ranging from 4mm to 70mm diameter for bar fed components and up to 300mm diameter for billeted components. Meanwhile, we provide wide range of material options for manufacturing in order to meet your demand. In YSY Electri our raw materila included:

Machined Capability: Cnc Milling, Turning, Drilling, Threading, Boring, Tapping and Lapping.

● Aluminum

● Bronze

● Brass

● Carbon Steel

● Stainless Steel

● Nickel

● Nickel alloys

● Delrin


● Acrylic

● PC


To make your cnc machining parts more attractive and improve the performance.We also have extensive high standard surface treatment options to meet you requirments. Our capabilities are including:

● Powder Coating

● Sandblasting

● Polishing

● Painting

● Anodizing

● Chem coating

● Heating Treatment

● Passivation

● Nickel/Zinc/Chrome/TiCN Plated

Key Products

● Cnc Turning  

● Auto Parts

● Cnc Machining Service 

● Cnc Machining Parts 

● Cnc Lathe Service

●  Keyboard Case

● Titanium Cnc

● Aluminum Cnc

● 5 Axis Cnc Machining

● Machinery Parts

● Prototype

● Cnc Enclosure

● Auto Parts

● Robot Parts

● Pvc Machining

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